Ban Than Reef is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the representation of Ban Than Reef, a reef in the Spratly Islands chain in the South China Sea. His human name is Wang Jhongjhou, although Vietnam likes to call him Nguyen Ban Than.

Ban Than Reef

Bãi Bàn Than
Jhongjhou Jiao


Ban Than Reef (Bãi Bàn Than, Jhongjhou Jiao)

Human name

Wang Jhongjhou (Chinese)
Nguyen Ban Than (Vietnamese)




December 12



Hair color


Eye color



80 cm


Jhongjhou has short black hair and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt like his father before he was "adopted" by Taiwan, who had him wear the traditional costume of the Chinese.

Personality and Interests

Jhongjhou is a very quiet person and depends on Taiwan to keep him safe, although he wishes to be reunited with his father and siblings.


Spratly Islands (Danny Sachs)

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Being one of the youngest of Dao's children, Jhongjhou relied on him before he was taken away by Mei (Taiwan). He wishes to be reunited with each other soon.

Itu Aba Island (Wang Taiping)

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Taiping and Jhongjhou were close to each other; therefore, when Mei came to take Taiping, Jhongjhou joined him and went to Mei's house too.

Republic of China (Mei)

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Because he came with his brother Taiping, Mei was forced to send troops to Jhongjhou's house. She allowed him to stay in his brother's house as long as they didn't try to escape together.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Nguyen Viet)

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Viet considers Jhongjhou as part of his territory. He calls him Nguyen Ban Than whenever he visits his house.


  • His birthday is listed as December 12, which was the day that Taiwanese troops first occupied Itu Aba Island, therefore effectively occupying Ban Than Reef.
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