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Zachery Lee Jones

Zachery Lee Jones is a fanmade character of the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. Zachery is a personified nation of the Confederate States of America (Dixieland or The South). Born from the American Civil War.


Zachery has a similar hairstyle to America(Alfred F. Jones) minus the Nantucket. His hair is brown along with his eyes. He wears glasses which are called Texas. His skin is more tan than America's. He usually wears the colors of gray and yellow. He has a scar on his chest from Sherman's March to the Sea.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Confederacy is a calm and relaxed man unless you get on his bad side. He sometimes likes to pick fights with America. Zachery usually considers himself a Southern Gentleman. He stands and bows when a woman walks into the room, he will hold the door open for her, and he will listen to her(but not always do what she says). He likes fried chicken(and citrus) a lot and tends to eat chicken sandwiches. His hobbies include: working out on the farm with animals and crops, playing baseball, chewing gum, and taking trips into swamps or forests. He does not appreciate anyone calling him racist.



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Confederate America(Zachery Lee Jones) holding an orange and the Confederacy Flag

America is his older brother but usually refers to him as Union or Yankee. He pretends not to obssess over the whole losing the Civil War thing but instead he tries to make America feel bad. He doesn't like visiting him since America just makes fun of him the whole time.


Zachery likes Canada's peace loving aditude but he gets a bit nervous since he sees Canada as a girl.


He also likes England and looks up to him like a role model. When the Civil War came in he turned to England for help but England did not keep his promise in helping. Zachery is still planning his revenge on England. He does enjoy England's company though.

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