Georgia aph by renntorakwolf-d64dns3
Character Information
Name Georga (საქართველო,Sakartvelo)
Human Name ელისო(Eliso) ბერიძე (Beridze)
Age 25
Gender Female
Birthday May 26
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 5'3
Debut Appearances
Volume Not Debuted
Strip Not Debuted
Game Not Debuted
Drama CD Mr Country
Anime Mr Country
Voice Actors

Momo Momone

English Luka Megurine

Georgia (グルジア Gurujia) is a supporting original character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is the representation of the country Georgia  and during World War 2 part of the UUSR. (Soivet Union)



Georiga has brown hair and green eyes, her bangs braid down in the front while her hair it straight in the back. She will also tie the two braids around into a pony tail in the back while she is working.

She wears a green and white maid uniform most of the time, while working at Soivet house. In Current days she is usually seen in casual clothing.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She is usaully seen as a quiet girl, though likes to stay out of trouble on occasions. She is usually seen either cleaning or walking around her place.

She is a home clean freak, and can't stand if anything around her is dirty and will immidiatly start to clean it up if spotten. Her interest's are seen with dancing, and mountain-skiing/



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