Itu Aba Island

Taiping Dao
Đảo Ba Bình
Isla ng Ligaw


Itu Aba Island (Taiping Dao, Đảo Ba Bình, Isla ng Ligaw)

Human name

Wang Taiping (Chinese)
Nguyen Ba Binh (Vietnamese)
Lee dela Cruz (Filipino)




December 12



Hair color


Eye color



100 cm

Itu Aba Island is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the representation of Itu Aba Island, the largest island in the Spratlys, which is located is the South China Sea. His human name is Wang Taiping, although Vietnam calls him Nguyen Ba Binh, and Philippines calls him Lee dela Cruz (short for Ligaw).


Taiping has thick black hair and brown eyes. Before, he wore a white shirt and blue pants like his father, but when he was "adopted" by Taiwan, she had him wear the traditional costume of the Chinese.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Taiping is quiet and aloof. Even though he knows that he is too weak to drive Taiwan and her troops out of his house, he wishes to be reunited with his father and siblings.


Spratly Islands (Danny Sachs)Edit

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As the eldest of Danny's children, Taiping helped to keep his 750 or so siblings in line. Now, he wishes to be reunited with each other.

French Republic (Francis Bonnefoy)Edit

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Francis moved into Taiping's house when he was still with Viet (Vietnam), but he left after Kiku (Japan) declared war on the Allies. Both appeared to have forgotten about each other.

Empire of Japan (Honda Kiku)Edit

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Kiku occupied Taiping's house during the Second World War. Today, he, along with Mei (Taiwan), is trying to improve his economy by helping him look for oil in his house.

Republic of China (Mei)Edit

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Mei "adopted" Taiping in 1956 in response to Yao, Viet, and Mara's claims on him and his father. She is responsible for turning his house into a military fort.

People's Republic of China (Wang Yao)Edit

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Yao has a claim that Taiping is a part of his territory, along with his father Danny and his other siblings.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Nguyen Viet)Edit

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Since they were both occupied by Francis, Viet considers Taiping part of his territory, as well as the rest of Spratlys. He likes to call him Nguyen Ba Binh when he visits his house.

Republic of the Philippines (Maria Clara dela Cruz)Edit

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Maria considers Taiping part of her territory when one of her admirals sold her the Spratlys for one Philippine peso. She likes to call him Lee dela Cruz (short for Ligaw) whenever he visits her house.


  • Taiping's birthday is listed as December 12, the day that Itu Aba was placed under Taiwanese control.
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