The City of Rome, Italy
La città di Roma, Italia

Human name

Severino Vargas





Hair color


Eye color



178 cm

NOTE: This article was given the title Modern Rome to indicate that it is about the city of Rome in modern times, and that it is not the ancient Roman Empire, which is a canon character for Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Rome is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the city of Rome, the capital of Italy and the largest city and commune in the country. His human name is Severino Vargas.


Severino has dark brown hair and amber eyes, and he has an ahoge on the left side of his head, just like North Italy. In fact, although he is located in southern Italy, Severino acts more like Veneziano in the North, playful, giddy, and happy. But underneath that cheerful front is a man who is afraid, of all things, the dark.

He is most commonly seen with a black suit and a red tie, and his military uniform is similar to North Italy's.

Personality and Interests

Simply put, Severino is the older, more mature version of Veneziano. He may act like laissez-faire, but actually, he's an expert city that can give advice to others seeking to become world-class. (He is two-and-a-half thousand years old, after all). he has been reportedly seen in Silvio Berlusconi's controversial "parties", but he has no comment on that.

You may not know it, but Severino likes to pray. He prays every day, after meals, and before and after sleeping.


Ancient Rome

Main article: Ancient Rome

Severino's father. They've gone on many adventures together, sometimes even going to battle together. However, when Ancient Rome disappeared, Severino found himself in the leadership position, and he found that he could do it well too. Now, he keeps watch over the Italian nation.

Vatican City (Alessandro Giuseppe Cardinal Vargas)

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Severino and Alessandro are very close to each other, and Severino once allowed Alessandro to stay in his house when the Papal States were abolished. Their partnership could be accurately called a bromance.

Republic of Italy (Feliciano and Lovino Vargas)

Main article: North and South Italy

Severino's sons. He loves his sons so much, and he gives them as much advice as he could so they could run Italy effectively. Unfortunately, North's cowardice and South's brashness sometimes get in the way of Severino's vision of a new Italy.


  • Severino does not have a listed birthday as he does not know cannot remember when he was born.
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