Republic of Moldova

Republica Moldova


Republic of Moldova
Republica Moldova

Human name

Aurel Popescu




June 23 (August 27 is a special day for him)



Hair color


Eye color



158 cm

Moldova is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the Republic of Moldova, a landlocked country located between Romania and Ukraine. His human name is Aurel Popescu.


Aurel has thick blonde hair and shining gold eyes just like his mother, Romania, and younger brother, Transnistria. He wears a brown leather jacket over a black short-sleeved shirt and jeans, and brown hiking boots. Aurel's military uniform is an M81 Woodland camouflage uniform with either a matching M1 helmet or a blue beret.

Personality and Interests

Aurel is very friendly with the other nations, and he desires integration into the European Union. Unlike those countries with separatist states, however, he wants a peaceful resolution about Transnistria's status.

He has a pet eagle, Mircea, and an aurochs, Ovidiu, whom many (America and Spain, especially) mistake for a bull.


Romania (Anica Popescu)

Main article: Romania

Aurel's mother, Anica wanted him to come back to her house after being separated by first Ludwig and then Ivan for so long. Anica remains interested in Aurel's affairs, but mother and son have not yet been able to reach an agreement or a basic bilateral treaty.

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Petrisor Popescu)

Main article: Transnistria

Aurel's brother. Their fight began during Petrisor's bid for independence during the impending collapse of the Soviet Union, but rumors abound that it all began when Aurel's tongue slipped and he supposedly called Petrisor "Pest-risor." This, however, has been unconfirmed, and is only common within the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations.

Russian Federation (Ivan Braginski)

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Aurel doesn't like Ivan one bit, first because he took him away from Anica, second because he sent his troops into him illegally and without permission to support Petrisor, and third because he enforced a ban on Moldovan and Georgian wines.

Ukraine (Yekaterina Braginskaya)

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Yekaterina has agreed to concede some important economic privileges to Aurel, and they have some pipelines and railways linking each other. Although he wouldn't admit it, Aurel has a crush on Katyusha.


  • Aurel's birthday is listed as June 23, the day Moldova declared its sovereignty. The day of August 27 is special for him because it was the day he became independent from the Soviet Union.
  • Aurel is the Romanian form of Aurelius, which comes from the Latin aureus, meaning gilded or golden, a possible reference to Aurel's golden eyes or hair.
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