Nuremberg Nürnberg/Nämberch

Human Name

Carlotta Morlock-Beilschmidt




October 13



Hair color

light brown

Eye color




Nuremberg is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents Nuremberg, the largest city in Middle Franconia Her human name is Carlotta Beilschmidt .


Carlotta has light brown hair and blue eyes. She often wears a white cap and the Tricot of her Football Club 1. FC Nuremberg or Glubb, how she says to it. If she didn't wears that, she wears a red shirt, a black coat, dark trousers and black boots.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Carlotta is a really friendly and cheerful person. While the National-socialist era she was a really cold and mean person and issued the Nuremberg Laws. She didn't liked Jews in that years. After WWII she got her old personality back. If she's suprised she says "Allmächt!"


America Edit

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She hates him for bombing Nuremberg in WWII

Munich (Bastian Alexander Beilschmidt)Edit

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They're enemies since they know each other, because Munich became the Capital City of Bavaria and not her.

Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland/England (Arthur Kirkland)Edit

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Carlotta hates him for bombing Nuremberg in World War II, too

Fürth (Svenja Beilschmidt-Gronau)Edit

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They're enemies too, since they know, because they're neighbor cities in Middle Franconia and their football clubs and their Fans are enemies.

Canada (Matthew Williams)Edit

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They met on a derby in Nuremberg and since then, they're good friends

Ratisbon (Maximilian Karl Beilschmidt)Edit

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She likes him, because he's nicer than Basti

Augsburg (Tim Markus Beilschmidt)Edit

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They're neutral to each other, because their football clubs are in the "1. Bundesliga"

Freising (Frieda Beilschmidt)Edit

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They are sisters and they hate each other, because Frieda likes Bastian and hates when Carlotta hurts him.

Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt)

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Carlotta hates him and calls him "Saupreiß"

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)

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She didn't likes him very much

Erlangen(Elena Beilschmidt)

Main article: Erlangen

They are good friends, because they have a university together.


  • Carlottas's birthday is listed as October 13, because the art-assocation of the city was founded on this date.
  • Carlotta likes eagles. And the reason why, can you see here (german)
  • Carlotta likes Canadian stuff, because Canadian Solar is a sponsor of her football club
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