Paupa New Guinea is a fan-made character in Hetalia-Axis Powers! He represents the Independent State of Papua New Guinea 

Indpendent State of Papua New Guneia


Independen Stet bilong Papua Niugini

Human Name

Pilipo Takaku

Age Apparent


Actual Age

Unknown (probably thousands)




September 16

Hair Color

Dark brown

Eye color




. WIP.


New Guinea is 5'9. He has dark brown skin, curly black hair and brown eyes. New Guinea wears what most Guinean men traditionally wear, that being a feathered headress, grass skirt and markings on his face and body. Even though he appears to be a young man, he is actually thousands of years old. He is quite fit, having been raised in the harshness of New Guinea.


Papua New Guinea is a quitet man who enjoys his alone time. Being isolated from the rest of the world for so long, he has problems socializing with people he dosen't know. Despite his initially quiet nature, Papua has quite a temper and is prone to yelling, in reference to his position along the Ring of Fire. He also tends to hold grudges and is very defensive of his territory. 
NewGuinea chibitemp


Papua New Guinea (orthographic projection).svg

Location of Papua New Guinea.

Indonesia- Papua has known Indonesia for a very long time and is one of the few he actually gets along with. The friendship between the two of them is close, despite a few tensions. Indonesia is Papua New Guinea's sister.

Japan- Papua doesn't favor Japan very much. His general dislike for him started when Imperial Japan invaded and occupied him. Even though Japan has long since left Papua New Guinea, he's still pretty upset about it.

Spain- Spain discovered Papua for Europe. For this Papua kind of hated him. The two of them rarely ever talk and when they do, there is a bit of an awkward atmosphere.

Australia- He is Papua's brother. The two of them get along rather well now, but Papua used to be mad at him for occupying his territory. Both Papua and Australia like to get together and joke about Britain.

Britain- Papua gets along with Britain, and was glad when he came and overtook Germany's colony on his island. Now he is a Commonwealth nation, though Britain was a bit overprotective of Papua and thus he finds him kind of annoying.

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