Philippines is a fanmade character for the anime and web comic, Hetalia Axis Powers. He represents the Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. His human name is Felix Santos.

Republika ng Pilipinas/Felix Santos (フィリピン共和国/フェリックス·サントス)
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Philippined (fanart by__juan_romel_d_c___by_syoa_kun-d5vwqy0)



Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas)

Human Name

Felix Ocampo


Corazón Ocampo (Female counterpart)






June 12

Hair Color


Eye Color



5'4" est



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Chibi version of Philippines (by_syoa_kun-d5sj0d1)

Philippines has wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. In his childhood before and during the time of Spain's colonization he wore a Barong Tagalog. Despite not being all that tall, Philippines is a strong nation. He has slight Asian features mixed in with Spanish, and was describe during his childhood as rather girlish in appearance.

Personality and interestsEdit

He is very proud of his country, culture and history and is very outdoorsy. He is described as being stubborn and serious yet kind and hospitable and respectively polite when warmed up too-- which is quickly is you are nice;. Philippines is a very skilled nation and aside from being fit he is very intelligent. He is a skilled cook and is very fond of food, especially Filipino dishes which he loves making for others. He is also very close to Brunei (Tino Billha) with whom he was married.



Main Article: China

China first met the young Philippines, his mother Igorot and his siblings KanKankanaey, Bontoc, Ibaloi, Isnag and Kalinga. Despite the hardships they went through, Philippines gets along well with China and the two have a peaceful and cooperative relationship. From him he earned the nickname "Ma-I" meaning "Beautiful Islands" (despite him claiming it sounds girly, to which China does not listen too, as he found himrather feminine in appearance as a child.)


Main Article: Spain

Up until the Spanish-American War, Philippines was Spain's sole colony in Asia and thus was very important to him. During his colonization by Spain, he adopted much from his culture. 


  • Philippines Arte Stella design
  • Chibi!Philippines #1
  • Chibi!Philippines #2 (Black and white)
  • Philippines in a green and brown Barong Tagalog
  • Igorot with little Kankanaey and baby Philippines
  • Nyo!Philippines: Corazón Santos
  • Philippines in a traditional Kankanaey wanes (akin to a thong)
  • Non-Himaruya Philippines design
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