• Tashaci


    February 10, 2018 by Tashaci

    There are 2 Mongolia's and Probably there are other Doubles of OC's. This is kind of a problem so I want to see your Suggestions.

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  • Tashaci

    I'm new

    January 9, 2018 by Tashaci

    So I just joined the Wikia community and I'm still learning the ropes. So some of my articles aren't very good so it would be best if you could help me.

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  • HetaliaFan15


    December 19, 2017 by HetaliaFan15

    Recently a few of us had our OCs vandalize by deleting our contents. No all though! My Åland Islands and Greenland's Introduction (above), Appearance and Personality and Interests. Their Relationships had been left alone but it's still not acceptable to majorlly edit without permission unless your fixxing spelling mistakes. Three users are blocked and possibly could be the same person. One of them had a "habit" of "shooting down inaccurate OCs" without permission like a troller. It's very rude to just do that! It's her problem for her so called "habit" is hurting people's to have it taken down. 'Cuz I doubt most of us keep a back-up page in case the other one was vandalize. I created my own page JUST so others couldn't hack into it!


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  • Cosmic Deer

    Not happy at all.

    July 21, 2017 by Cosmic Deer

    I have noticed by now that someone had rudely editted my page which I specifically said not to do so. It's basically violating someones written work neverless is ruining all of the hard work they had put into it, I'm not happy on what this person had wrote however I'm not going to the extreme to make a rant about them. If they at least explain on their actions and can at least understand it was wrong on what they did that would be acceptable. The reason for why I'm not going to take this very seriously is due to the fact I have a more up to date one saved which certain parts of the biography was changed for London. 

    I will repeat that you shouldn't go around editing parts of people's work. They would have put hard work to it even if it seem…

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  • Uwakaeaa
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  • Republic of Ragusa

    Hello, I'm new

    January 9, 2017 by Republic of Ragusa

    So I have found this amazing website but I'm kinda lost. I don't know how to find everything there is. If someone could guide me and show me what there is on here I would be very greatful, thanks in advance.

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  • Everlastist

    Eh— Anyways, planning on some new OCs in the near future. Already have a few plans in mind but that is it. Mostly names but— meh. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) | Im Lim-Park State of Israel | Cassiel Noa State of Palestine | No name given at current time. Kingdom of Cambodia | No name given at current time.

    If anyone has any information on these countries, feel free to inform. I would greatly honor and appreciate. From your fellow nerd, Nik

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  • MikelessMimes

    Share this jam with me.

    November 22, 2016 by MikelessMimes

    So, if I was to request to adopt this page, would it be ok with you guys? I want to continue to build this community. I don't want to do it if you guys don't want it. (plz want it) I just need a coulpe of okays from you all. I don't want to jump into this to happily then find out I did wrong.

    I don't know why, but I feel really weird asking.

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  • Hjhy


    May 3, 2016 by Hjhy

    Одесса город у Чёрного моря.

    Есть много версий по поводу внешности Одессы. Одни говорят, что у Одессы Черные волосы, так  как она город герой. Другие утверждают, что у Одессы рыжие волосы и еврейские черты лица.

    Я считаю, что у Одессы рыжие волосы и голубые глаза. Нос курносый, а лицо розово-молочного цвета.

    Одесса всегда ходит в тельняшке и белой юбке. Иногда Одесса ходит в форме украинского флота. Это связанно с её длжностью.

    Одесса интервент и настоящая душа кампании. Нет ни одного дня когда что-то не придумала и не рассказала. Одесса любит шутить, да что там любит она этими шутками разговаривает. Она очень дужелюбная.

    Иногда кажется, что Одесса говорит на каком-то особом диалекте или даже языке. К примеру: Таки хорошая погода.

    Одесса ко всему…

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  • MikelessMimes

    Uniform guide?

    April 15, 2016 by MikelessMimes

    Wouldn't it be cool if we had a uniforn guide page!? I could make one if others would like it. We could share it and edit it whenever we want to. It, of course, would be of our Fan made characters.

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  • Nrasikaran26

    Tamil Eelam

    April 12, 2016 by Nrasikaran26
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  • Akatsukigirl510

    Hi there!!

    February 18, 2016 by Akatsukigirl510

    Hello there!!!

    I'm new on the wiki, names Sarah or Akatsukigirl510. I'm really glad to be a part of this wiki. I've already made my first Character and hopefully more will come soon!! I do have a problem.......I can't seem to add photos and pictures to my pages, I kepp trying but it says there's an error of some sort, if anybody can help that would be great thanks!!!

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  • Buono Tomato


    December 28, 2015 by Buono Tomato

    Okay so some person has been going around removing information completely from pages of OC's they deemed problematic and I'm honestly upset. I can understand where LOTS of the original characters on this wiki can be offensive, but lots of the creators did not intend for it, or are children. 

    For example, this Israel's page was edited because the character was whitewashed. However, the modern day country of Israel has a large population of Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe with lighter skin, and the character themselves was exiled to Europe with the diaspora. I understand that Israel is in the Middle East, and Israel's skintone would have to match that of the neighboring countries. But if you compare America, a country in a location where t…

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  • Moonlily1234

    Hetalia OC Greenland

    December 28, 2014 by Moonlily1234

    Greenland is a fan-made character for Hetalia: Axis powers. His human name is Nate Kohler.

    Country Greenland
    Name Nate Kohler
    Age 16
    Height 1,72 / 5'8
    Hair Goldblond to blond
    Genger male
    Eyes dark turquoise
    Birthday 21. June
    Star sign Cancer

     ==Appearance== Greenland has got goldblond to bland hair with a wild strand and fair skin. His eyes are a darker turquoise. He is quite tall but his small population causes him to be skinny. He waers a grey-beige coat with a white fur collar and grey-beige trousers. His boots and gloves are dark brown. Under his coat he wears lopapeysa which he got from Iceland.

    Greenland ius a nice and polite boy but decides to live most of the time alone with his baby seal Snowflake. he is kind of shy and mostly speaks only wh…

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  • Monzoku

    Hmong-Land or Hmoob-Av

    November 10, 2014 by Monzoku

    Human Name:Fuechee Herr

    ⓝⓐⓜⓔ ⓞⓕ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓒⓞⓤⓝⓣⓡⓨ/ⓒⓘⓣⓨ/ⓡⓔⓖⓘⓞⓝ:Hmong-Land or Hmoob-Av



    ⓟⓔⓡⓢⓞⓝⓝⓐⓛⓘⓣⓨ:Stubborn, bit mean, like to help, good hearted, weak, bit shy when comes to some stuff ,also Smart,fearless because he has been through a lot, strong-will he has seen death like never before so he is now really strong in heart, Quiet at times, cold at times, calm since he doesn't show much emotion, Mad at times

    ⓕⓐⓜⓘⓛⓨ:Older and Younger brother of China, Japan, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan,

    ⓕⓡⓘⓔⓝⓓⓢ:America, Thailand, France, Canada and Germany

    ⓔⓝⓝⓔⓜⓘⓔⓢ:Vietnam and Laos (Laos due to Genocide)

    Height:5 Feets 5 inches

    Eye Color:Brown

    Hair Color:Black, Brown and Blonde

    Weight:110 pounds

    Known Language:Hmong or Hmoob, Green Hmong, White Hmong,…

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  • Buono Tomato

    Revisiting old stuff

    November 6, 2014 by Buono Tomato

    So… Remember this post? "0 Just a Few Ideas September 2, 2014 by Buono Tomato Well... I had the most brilliant outbreak of my life~ In the Hetalia Archives, there is a "Creatures of Hetalia" page. Some of my characters have pets, and I'm sure they aren't alone. If anyone wants to work with me on that, please do! Someone also suggested a Nyo!Talia page, and that'd be great as well.



    Well, because I'm seriously impatient (maybe because I'm young and life flies by so fast) I've decided to put this plan into action. So… the names: Fanterms: Fantalia Terms Nyo!talia: Nyo!talia Creatures: Creatures of Fantalia Everyone has a right to edit parts of these pages, so long as they leave others content alone…

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  • AuraPhoenixx

    I've seen a few of these tutorials going around, so I thought I'd make one of my own. 

    I run an OC review on the site Quotev, so I really hope that the advice I give you is to the quality you'd expect. Also, if you'd like me to personally review your OC, I'd love to help, anytime. I do quite a lot of research. 

    Also, before we start, any re-creation or altering of an already existing character does not count as an OC.

    Let's begin, with the basics.

    You can't exactly just personify some little street, town, or stretch of land anywhere. You have to choose an actual place with an actual land, name, and history. Keep in mind that a lot of the places are already represented on canon characters by their physical attributes. Some non-physical things c…

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  • Buono Tomato

    Just a Few Ideas

    September 2, 2014 by Buono Tomato

    Well... I had the most brilliant outbreak of my life~

    In the Hetalia Archives, there is a "Creatures of Hetalia" page. Some of my characters have pets, and I'm sure they aren't alone. If anyone wants to work with me on that, please do! Someone also suggested a Nyo!Talia page, and that'd be great as well.


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  • YandereWolf1025

    Here is another OC for the series Hetalia.

    The character mostly represents how the people of Greenland have changed over times, rather than how they are in modern day.

    Since I could not find many stereotypes, I may have made a few of my own based on the research I have done.

    See if you can spot them. (if there is any)

    Certain aspects are for comedical purposes.


    ~Human Name~

    Freydis Ivaana Hansen |Reason behind names: Freydis is the name of one of Erik the Red's daughters. Erik was a Norwegian-born Icelander who created some of the first few settlements on Greenland, as well as giving the land a name. (Grœnland ) Although, reason why he left Iceland in the first place was because he fled. He was charged for man-slaughter...// Ivaana is the mo…

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  • YandereWolf1025

    The following character is MY OC for the series Hetalia.

    Please note that modern day Kaliningrad was indeed the capital of East Prussia.

    So, therefore- the character represents BOTH places, past and present. Read on to understand, you pity humans. 

    ~Human Name~ 

    Previous: Ansas Tanius Beilschmdt(Or Weilschmdt. Since it is a more German surname.) |Reason behind the name is these are common East Prussian/German names during the era Konigsberg was indeed Konigsberg.|

    Current: Vanya Nikolay Alkeav |Reason behind this name- These are common Russian names. After the battle of the Kaliningrad Oblast- all Prussian and German residences were either chased out or exucated, later replaced with a Russian population. The city's name was even renamed in Russ…

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  • Buono Tomato

    I'm sorry this has nothing to do with Original Hetalia characters or this wiki, there's just something I really want to get out there. I'd love to hear your opinions on this in a constructive way.

    I'm being serious guys. I actually am here right now. I went to the mall yestereday, and there were Arabs and Jews sitting at the same table in McDonald's. Arabs actually have the best rights of the middle east in Israel. The reason you don't see dead Israelis on the news is because we have the Iron Dome. Gaza is treating us much worse than we treat them. We deliver their food, water, electricity, etc and have opened a hospital for injured Palestinian civilians. The Hamas attacks all trucks bringing in foods and uses Palestinians as human shields.…

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  • MakeCandyNotWa

    The advice written below is from all of my bad mistakes in the past. I advise you to actually read this, because this may help your original character a lot.


    I've seen quite a lot of original characters that are female. And by that, I really do mean, a lot. Although this may be sexist, people in high power in countries are normally men. You must have a reason why you chose your original character to be female; have there been any any strong women, known in history? I, myself, must admit that I'm hypocritical because of this because I, myself, have original characters that are indeed all female. Celestia being female, my dear Westminster, my dear Africa and so on. There's actually no explanation for that, but ignore it...

    This one right here…

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  • Amphritrite

    this page is dead, I don't want eleanor as a Hetalia character anymore

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  • Huashi


    April 16, 2014 by Huashi

    Hmong is a not a country. She was a Kingdom, the Chu Kingdom. she was the older sister of China. She was taked over by her younger brother China.

    Name: The Chu Kingdom (Hmong)

    Human Name: Huab Sib Vang

    Age: Over 5,000 years old

    Related to:

    China: Little Brother

    Thailand: Little Brother

    Hong Kong: Little Brother

    Taiwan: Little Sister

    Mongolia: Little Brother

    South Korea: Little Brother

    Any wars invovle:

    The Seven Kingdoms War

    The Veitnam War

    A sweet loving girl every loves her. She doesn't like to go to war, but she has to.

    People she dislikes (not hate!):

    France: He's a creepy stalker, and he is up to something.

    Russia: Scares her

    Belarus: More of a creepy stalker

    Poland: Thinks he is really weird

    Roman Empire: Thinks he is up to something

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  • Nononon

    Nyotalia Page

    April 2, 2014 by Nononon

    Hey there, everyone!!

    You may know me as the creator of the one South Vietnam OC, but that's not the point here. I was wondering if i could propose making a Nyotalia page for characters with genderbends. It would make sense seeing that Kitawiki has its own Nyotalia page, and if it gets overloaded we could add another Nyotalia 2 page. I also believe that it could help bring a sense of community in this wikia instead of us being mostly fangirls, guys and xirs who occasionally check up on our own oc.

    Is that alright? Please message me with an okay or no, and i'll try my best to help set up a page as well as making an Introduction to Nyotalia. Have a nice day!

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  • Helen32


    January 16, 2014 by Helen32

    I have   a charater   province   on another sight   her   name   is  Maritta   Fernandez   Carrideo   but  I won't   post her   incase   somone  already  has. Also   Have   Alanza  but she is  Spains  daughter  like  next generation but  i won't  post either  of them  at the  moment. Also  another  I created  was  Saragossa   with the  help of a friend

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  • ForeverHetalian16

    I don't know if this is allowed, but here I advertize my OC Sicily. I worked really hard on her and would appreciate some feedback!

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  • RennTorakwolf


    November 14, 2013 by RennTorakwolf




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  • RennTorakwolf

    Sorry guys, I'm on a school computer and forgot to log it o7o So it wasn't a random spammer.

    Please keep in mind that pages are only aloud to be edited by the creator, and not for free use! If there is no proof it is you're (its not the user name or IP adress) page. Then it will be undone!

    RennTorakwolf (talk) 18:39, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Sixx Killer

    ==Chapter Two- The Start of the End ==

    The World is at war, but this time nations are falling. Can the few remaining allies survive? Or will they crumble at the hands of the terrorists? With the shattered memories and broken bonds, destroying the allies at heart. Past haunting the present, evil after the good, and old tears now shed, can they get through this, or is this the end of the world?

    Sat quietly in the black dull government car, London began to look through the exclusive file that was handed to her before they left. She had been on holiday for a total of one and a half months, how the hell did this all happen! The last she had heard, it was only Asia who was having a bit of problem.

    It started out with the terrorist that could be foun…

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  • Sixx Killer

    The World is at war, but this time nations are falling. Can the few remaining allies survive? Or will they crumble at the hands of the terrorists? With the shattered memories and broken bonds, destroying the allies at heart. Past haunting the present, evil after the good, and old tears now shed, can they get through this, or is this the end of the world?

    Chapter 1- Britain Is At War 

    "Patrem*, where are you going?" A small 5 year old girl cried, awoken from her peaceful sleep by the sound of abandoning men. She had ran outside to see why soldiers where fleeing, only to see her father, The Roman Empire, leading the men away. Why had he not even stopped to say goodbye?

    "Patrem Rome!" She cried, as the man seemed to almost ignore her completely.…

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  • Lingo100

    Finnaly finished the Syria page. Can't seem to get the hang of uploading photos, though

    Virginia will be coming very soon. The next ones, in order, will be Congo, Charlotte, Iraq and Afghanistan

    Random photo time!"

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  • RennTorakwolf


    September 19, 2013 by RennTorakwolf

    Uh, Hi! My name is Renntorakwolf, you may call me Renn if you would like o7o

    And for a while now I'v wanted to ask the community or the couple of active people on the wikia how they would feel if I applied for official admin ship? 

    Would you support or disagree with me? Since this is an active community I would like to ask you guys before just going over to the official wikia page and appling hahaha-

    Please leave a comment! I would like to know how you would feel about this choice!

    Thank you for reading

    RennTorakwolf (talk) 01:19, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

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  • ForeverHetalian16

    I am NOT a Troll!

    September 12, 2013 by ForeverHetalian16

    I am putting this out there, because I can garuntee that no one likes being put out as a "A site troll and nuisance". I am keeping the significant username withheld, but I don't like being underestimated like that.

    I want to start out off by stating that ANY critique I might have done on a page comes from help. I mean, do you not think that there are people that can get offended by some OC's? Sure, that clearly doesn't give you a limelight to get butthurt either. This significant user had even reported me to the admins-over old comments, also asking why I'm still allowed here. And saying I deleted some thing? Wait-you can delete pages now? NEWS TO ME.

    I did call a few OC's mary-sues once, but they were old comments. Get over yourself, I can …

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  • Lingo100

    New Characters by me soon.

    September 7, 2013 by Lingo100

    I plan to make more characters in the very-near future. Heres a list of some planned ones:


    Paupa New Guinea

    Virginia (U.S State)   



    City of Charlotte, NC

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  • Howiter1

    Hetalia: Axis of Evil!

    August 2, 2013 by Howiter1

    Hey guys! As you may know, I had put a red link in my North Korea OC. I was planning a possible fanfiction with her, and the Axis of Evil and the Outpost of Tyranny that the US had dubbed the countries as. No idea for a plot, but we know that:

    1. The Axis of Evil and America are the Main characters.
    2. The Outposts of Tyranny are Deltagonists.
    3. This wil take place in 2006, a few months before Serbia and Montenegro formally ended Yugoslavia.
    4. No confirmation if Prussia will appear in the fiction since the year is NOT in 1939-1945 or 1945-1991. He might, he might not. It depends if you want him. Leave a suggestion on what I should do with him.
    5. There will be new characters aka my OCs. Others are welcome to introduce theirs.
    6. Tix19's Balkan OCs WILL be here,…

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  • RennTorakwolf

    This had been a issue for a bit but I'm just getting sick of it and It seems it need's to be said.

    Your Original Character is not Canon.

    Do not edit peoples page by putting in your OC within there relations out permission. I don't care how much you want your Oc to get popular. Its not your page, and they choose those OC's relations ect. for them and probably there friends.

    Not for you. 

    Unless you tell me that you have permission to put new infomation into a Page by the creator then its going to be reverted back to its original state.


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  • Norie-tan

    A Wikia Contributer

    July 10, 2013 by Norie-tan

    Has taken down pages and edited pages. I have no idea who they are but they were freaking mature for removing a user's profile information and her OC's information and replaced it with things like "lalala I'm a mary sue~! So fuck you" If you know how to restore this and remove this troll, please do.

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  • Thepotatoqueen99atawesomePrussia

     MY FAN MADE ECUADOR! (made it for my best friend that's from Ecuador, and most things are based off of her since she's the epitome of an Ecuadorian girl). Ecuador is my fan made character for Axis Powers Hetalia. Her human name is Amara-Andrea (Carolina) Theresa Pachacutec Carriedo Moreno. Born on May 24th she is the third eldest of the New Granada siblings. The history of Ecuador spans over 5000 years but she's only been independent for about a century and a half being part of many empires/cultures. She was given the first name Carolina by Spain but changed it back to Amara-Andrea (what Inca Empire named her) after gaining her independence.

    Ecuador is rather tall, but very young. Ecuador is slightly dark skinned, intense black eyes, and l…

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  • Lupah


    June 10, 2013 by Lupah

    Laputa (ラピュタ; Rapyuta) is a fan-made character in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents the whole castle in the sky. Her second name or her nickname is Lupah.

    Her hair is long, curly and her bangs are usually fastened with a silver barrette to the side. This barrette she got from England as a gift because her hair covered her face at the beginning. Her eyes are yellow and radiate as perfect as the bright light of the sun. Her clothes will depend from who she is visit. Later she has a white dress and she always walks barefoot

    Because of announces commemorative loss she seems rather shy and awkward, especially when someone makes her compliments, she often do not know quite what to answer. Over time, she will always…

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  • MissDear

    Well, I guess you'll meet my original characters, Somalia and Ethiopia! You'll see the two, pig headed rivals, and a brief scuffle right here, right now.


    Somalia: [She walks up to the stage, and looked at the audience in front of her. A sigh escapes her lips but she looks around, looking for that rascal older brother of hers. Sahra scoffed and looked back at you] As salamu alaykum ar-rahmatullahi wabarakatu. Macayguu wa- (1)

    Ethiopia: [He surprises his younger sister, grinning hautingly as he shoved the woman out of his way. He folded his arms and pointed down to the audience in front of him.] I don't think you'd want to meet /her/!  ሰላምየኔ ስም  ኢትዮጵያ ነጡ. (2) Call me- ACK!

    Somalia: [In frustration and anger, she pushes him away from the stag…

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  • Poisonedrationality


    March 9, 2013 by Poisonedrationality

    ...Is quite possibly the most awkward wiki I have yet seen.

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  • PoppeyPersia

    Hello there!

    January 7, 2013 by PoppeyPersia

    Hello everyone! I, umm just joined about three, or was it four...., days ago and I would just like to say, umm.. Hi! I have two fan characters, A country and the capitol of the country. I have already posted Persia/Iran (though I am still editing it alot) and will post Tehran as soon as I can...get to it. but yes. Hello!

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  • DarkMorgana

    Hello World

    January 2, 2013 by DarkMorgana

    Hello I just Joined and thought i would introduce my two OCs The Kingdom or Selica and her brother Morgania. They both already have pages made for them but are sadly missing pictures since i haven't got to draw anything let. Anyway they both would like to say hi and feel free to interact with them

    Ciela smiles " Hello there and nice to meet you"

    Morgan grunts and rolls his eyes" Now get"

    Ciela turns around and glares at her brother " You BIG bear stop acting like a icicle and say hi!"

    Morgan looks at you his eyes seemed to grow even colder "Hello" he turns to Ciela " there happy?" He smirks " What no cookie if i'm going to act like a dog and do your every command you might as well give me a treat?"

    Ciela rolls her eyes and sigh " Inorge him he'…

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  • Emmie0305

    Hi There!

    December 30, 2012 by Emmie0305

    I am a new user on this, and I am glad that I was able to join! I am a huge Hetalia fan and i have a OC for it, too! She is the Country, Mali.  I wish to do alot of cool stuff, but dont know where to start, if you have any ideas, please tell me! 

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  • Monkeyrolla1


    December 23, 2012 by Monkeyrolla1

    Oh cod, what do I do?!

    One side is dumplings and another side is... SEAFOOD.

    WHAT DO I DO!??!!!!!????


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  • Inukai55


    March 16, 2012 by Inukai55

    I have just joined this wiki in interest to hetalia and I also have an OC Washington State and I hope to interact with you all on this wiki.

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  • VeraVAlways

    Hetalia Antarctica

    March 12, 2012 by VeraVAlways

    Hetalia Antarctica

    Antarctica, ( right of your page. ) or South Pole, is a fan-made character for the anime/series of Hetalia: Axis Power. She is a very shy, sweet and a tender girl. Usually doesn't talk to anybody and sometimes perfer to be by herself. She would still be nice to some countries even they don't like her, she sometime want to have a good relationship with others.

    - - -

    [ W.I.P ]

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  • Dark Blue Fire

    Gakuen Hetalia drawing

    December 15, 2011 by Dark Blue Fire

    See the picture on Hunan's page? I drew that by myself!!! XD It's my first 'adult' picture!

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  • Dark Blue Fire


    December 3, 2011 by Dark Blue Fire

    It appears that one, I can't draw adults since eventually they just turn into chibis or children, two, they aren't very manga-like, three, I can only draw faces well and a tiny, sorta deformed body... *sigh* Tips, anyone?

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