Republic of ColombiaEdit

Colombia (コロンビア Koronbia), officially the Republic

of Colombia, is a fan-created character of the manga/anime

series Axis Powers Hetalia. She is the representative for

the country of Colombia. Her human name is Louisa Garcia.

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progress.                                                                                      Name: Republic of Colombia (Republica de


                                                                                                  Human Name: Luisa Garcia (Ruisa


                                                                                                   Alternate Spellings: N/A

                                                                                                    Age: 22

                                                                                                 Gender: Female

                                                                                                 Birthday: July 20th


She has black hair in a bob cut, and green eyes.

She's one of the shorter members of the rest of her family,

the rest of the South American countries, standing at 

158. 65cm. (5' 2.4") She wears a white shirt under a

brown overdress, with white socks, black buckle shoes,

and a pink hairband. Her cup size is a D. (I just HAD to

put that in there. Sorry, not sorry!)

When Colombia was under Spain's rule as a child,

she wore a maroon dress, with a smaller version of

her current shoes and socks, and a white bow in her


Personality & IntrestsEdit

Colombia is a festive woman. She's very social, and

very attached to her family. She's also extroverted

and cool. However, she can be lazy at times, and

can also be pretty violent when she's angered.

She tries very hard to erase the image of her

being part of a drug cartel and mafia. Being

the second oldest of the fourteen siblings, she

likes to cook,dance, and attend festivals,

especially the Manizales Festival in January,

because it reminds her of her years in Europe.

She also enjoys visiting Spain when she

can, since she grew up with him and Romano,

as well as playing soccer.


Italy- They knew each other as children, and out of the two Italy brothers, Colombia gets along better with him than Romano. That is because Italy and Colombia's personalities don't conflict as much as Romano and Colombia's.

Romano- They grew up together with Spain. When they were kids, and even now, Colombia keeps tryng to get him to laugh, or, at the very least, smile at her jokes. So much so that it's almost a priority. When he found out that Colombia left Spain, he was uncharacteristically upset.

Spain- Colombia and Spain have complicated relationship because of their history. When Colombia was a child, they got along really well, and she was grateful to him and Christopher Colombus (who was Spanish) for finding her. However, she dreamed of seeing new countries. She didn't know how to tell Spain that she wanted to leave, so she declared war for independance. Now, whenever she visits him, it inevitably ends up them reminising about the past, and Colombia leaving crying or angry. She still likes visiting him because she likes visiting Europe and her old home.

America- Colombia and America get along as mutual friends. In fact, because her and her siblings moved into the house down the street from him, he gave them the nickname "the South Americas". Also, since they were kids together, they are about the same age.

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