She isn't considered "mentally healthy" by most, but is a cheery and happy person despite her rough past. She enjoys a good game of Russian Roulette and likes to beat up other people her age. She adores vodka and sunflowers, but there always seems to be a voice calling itsself "Soviet" and controls her actions, scolding her if she does something it doesn't like. She fears the voice but does as she is told. As a result, she had built an empire one could call a "Second Soviet Union". She has no desire to invade others and wants to be with sunflowers and her family, but cannot due to "Soviet" controlling her every move. She puts on a cheery and happy face as to try and not worry others, which works well. But her "Papochka" sees right through her acting, but doesn't tell her in fear that the voice will make her cause harm to herself or him

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