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(ヘデフィ カ リブシェ イェリネコファ, Hedefika Ribushe Yerinekofa)-  is a fanmade character for the series Axis Powers Hetalia. He represents the modern-day (チェコ共和国, Cz Gyouwakoku).


[1]Added by I-b-edgeyCzech is a short young woman, appearing about twenty-two despite it. She has  elbow length light brown hair that is usually contained into two braids. She has grey-green eyes and pale skin. Still holding to her Bohemian slavic roots, Hedvika has a very avant garde sense of style. Unfortunately, her military endeavors usually means she's stuck wearing her military uniform nine times out of ten, which she constantly complains is itchy and uncomfortable. This uniform consists of a long green button-down jacket with a belt secured at her waist and long green pants tucked into her brown boots.

She is the daughter of Czechoslovakia, who looks similar to her.


Hedvika initially may come off as a cold or tsundere character; she has a habit of smirking or scowling at strangers, but closer allies tend to see a much more playful side to her. Czechia is proud of her past Bohemian Kingdom, and reflects such in her love of the revolutionary or unusual. She's always a cunning gypsy girl at heart, playing innocent pranks on friends and not-so-innocent pranks on enemies. The word "defenestration" actually comes from one of Hedvika's old habits of throwing people she didn't like out of windows, which she did mostly to Holy Rome in the fifteenth century. It's still a threat she uses against people while drunk, but she rarely follows through in the modern day. She also has a hard time staying in one place for too long - she has a constant longing to roam the countryside. Hedvika has gotten a bit calmer, less temperamental, in recent years, but her reputation as a child sticks with her today.

Czech is a strong feminist, despite the fact that she has been held back by her government in recent years. Still, she'll let a couple comments slip on how lazy and stupid she believes men are; Slovakia hasn't exactly done anything to prove these theories wrong. Still, she has some sort of respect for some men whom she believes actually have shown signs of hard work or intelligence; namely, the German brothers (Ludwig in particular). They have similar work ethics and a mutual love for both beer and potatoes.


Jakub Murgaš(Slovakia) Edit

Hedvika and Jakub were in excellent relations during the period of Czechoslovakia. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, they were on good terms, but already as a brother to their sister, despite this, they often spend time together. With lovacia, he calls e Chekho-chan, but he counts on the fact that their relationship will become like in the old days.

Alene Ružicková (Moravia)Edit

Alene insists that she's Hedvika's older sister, to which she'll always growl that they're actually "roommates". Now a Czech territory instead of a country, Moravia lives in Czechia's house and tends to state her rather obtuse opinions, much to her annoyance. The relationship between the two women really depends on each of their moods. If Moravia is less pushy and Czech is happier, they get along rather well. Otherwise, the house gets chaotic.

Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)Edit

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Gilbert and Hedvika were on good terms throughout history, save the years of World War II. They aided each other during their childhoods often, and after her old monarchy's crown lay limited to the territories of Silesia by Austria, Prussia invaded and took her back to his house, where she loyally followed his leadership. Even though he's technically not a country, Czechia still admires him and considers him a drinking buddy.

Roderich Edelstein (Austria)Edit

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When both were young, Hedvika tricked Roderich into forced servitude at her home, part of her plan accidentally handicapping him and leaving him in a wheelchair for a number of years. During the gradual fall of Bohemia, the tables turned as Austria made her work for him. Restrained, forced in a maid's dress, an diminished to no more than Silesian territory, she grudgingly served him until Prussia invaded and took her back to his house. Relations were very tense even after that, until after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The two made tense amends, and now tolerate each other.


Hedvika is great friends with Liechtenstein and plays with her commonly. Since Liechtenstein lives with Switzerland, Hedvika also got to know him and shares quite a few interests such as chocolate and guns.

Ivan Braginski (Russia)Edit

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Czechia, Poland, and Russia traveled with each other before settling the territories that they one day would call their nations, but none of them like to acknowledge it in the modern day. After the the Cold War in which Hedvika was stuck as one of Ivan's satellite nations, the two went through extremely rocky political affairs. Today their relationship is very bi-polar, acting as friends one minute and threatening to destroy the other the next. Russia still tries to sneak his influence into her nation, but Czechia catches and stops him.

Natalia Arlovskaya (Belarus)Edit

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Although she'll never admit it, Hedvika is terrified of Natalia. This may be because she was the first to attack her to end Prague Spring.

Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland)Edit

Main Article: Poland Czechia, Poland, and Russia traveled with each other before settling the territories that they one day would call their nations, but none of them like to acknowledge it in the modern day. Hedvika is still not pleased about Feliks "stealing" her Bohemian flag and constantly calls him an idiot, while he sees her wardrobe as "like a complete mess", but they get along decently despite that

Thor Buraas Traa (Svalbard)Edit

Czech is one of Svalbard's closest friends, and the two are often seen messing with Slovakia. Hedvika also likes teasing Thor a bit and puts on a fake-cheery mask around him, purposely trying to annoy him.


  • Czechia's first name, Hedvika, means "defender" in Czech. Her middle name, Libuše, aside from meaning "love", is given to her for her ancient mythical queen who apparently predicted and later oversaw the building of Prague. Jelineková means "stag", with the added feminine adjective.
  • Being that the Czech Republic is referred to as "The Land of Milk and Honey", Hedvika has a small beehive in her shed. At times, a few of the bees will follow her around. All of them are named Kazimir.
  • День рождения в Чехии, 28 октября, соответствует созданию Чехословакии
  • Being unsatisfied staying in one place, Hedvika has changed her name frequently. In order, she has been the following: Duchy of Bohemia, Kingdom of Bohemia, Silesia, Province of Silesia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic
  • Because of Hedvika's shortness, Netherlands thought she was a young girl. In World Meeting, he can't stop looking at her.