As one of the main islands of Japan, Honshu is the big brother out of his younger siblings.

Appearance Honshu has long dark brown hair tied in a low pony-tail at the end, though his front bangs are quite messy and covers his eyes he doesn't really seem to care. Like Japan, he has dark brown "souless" eyes. He is said to be the exact same size as Japan but his siblings terribly disagree and say he somehow got the "giant" gene from someone. Before WWII he was perfectly blemish-less and pale, but after the atomic bombs he now has a terribly marked and crippled leg and a missing pinky on his right hand.

Personality and Intrests Honshu is normally a calm young teen that enjoys reading manga and playing video games but he also enjoys the martial arts. Skilled in ninjutsu and judo, Honshu can easily take any of his siblings down even in his crippled state. It is very difficult to make this island angry unless others bring up his past failures. But similar to Japan, Honshu is very hardworking but doesn't fall into culture shock anymore.


Japan These two are very close and are the typical father/son relationship in Japan. Japan always expects great things from Honshu and is never disappointed. It is said that these two were a ninja duo in the old days.

America Even though Japan and America have no more grudges over their WWII times Honshu is still a little bitter towards the Central American nation. When these two ever meet Honshu is always quick to the point and "accidentally" shows off his missing finger to remind America what he did to him, always making America sad and hugging both him and Japan and telling them how sorry he was. Honshu always says he hates America greatly but secretly, he's starting to warm up to the big guy.

Hawaii Both these islands have gotten very close after WWII. Both mostly talking about their fathers and their stupidity. It is shown that Honshu enjoys watching Hawaii dance and in turn shows her the art of judo. Both seem to hide their scars so no regret is done and like to sit at the sunset. Possibility that him and Hawaii are together is unknown.