Israel (Ariel Levy)Edit

Ariel levy is a fanmade character in the series of Hetalia Axis Powers/World Series. She represents the Jewish State of Israel.


Her first apperance was in the comic strip "Ani ohev otcha" which literally translates to "I love you" in hebrew. This comic strip was the apperance of her life and America's lust for her.

She is shown to have Brown curly hair (which is about a little past her shoulders) and is usually held up in a ribbon that resembles the Israeli flag. She also is shown that when she is brought to America's presence to have a Tichel or a head covering on her head.

Her gowns are very modestly done, her arms are usually covered by a long sleeved to a little past her elbow, and if she wears a sundress she usually has a black shawl over herself. Her normal dresses are usually blue and white to resemble her country as well.

She has dark brown\black eyes'like most of the people in isreal.

Acessories for her are not nessessary, her only jewelery pieces are her earings (which are in the shape of the israeli flag and has the designs of the magen david and the blue and white stripes for the flag. And she also wears a magen david necklace upon her neck.

Marukaite Chikyuu (Israel/Isuraeru)Edit

Romanji versionEdit

Oy Vey Aba Rotza wo choudai

Oy Vey Ima Oy Vey Ima

Mu kashi ni ta beta Matzo no ano aji wasu rera renain da
Marukaite Chikyuu
Marukaite Chikyuu
Marukaite Chikyuu
Boku Isuraeru!

Marukaite chikyuu
Jitto mite chikyuu
Hyotto shite chikyuu
Boku Isuraeru!
Aa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai,

Watashi wa jibun no kazoku o aishite!

(ooku no kuni ga, dono yoo ni watashi wa reisei sa o tamotsu koto ga deki masu tatakau tame?)

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Boku Isuraeru
Marukaite chikyuu
Hatto shite chikyuu
Funzori kaette chikyuu
Boku Isuraeru!

Oobun chikagakeba

Kaoru shiawase no RECIPE

("Hiniku wa kaku shiaji sa")

Hadasamui fuyu ni mankai da


Hei hei Ach, Rotza wo choudai

tsude ni Achot, iretekurenai ka

Oi oi Saba, heiwa ga ichiban

Hai hai Tinoke (Nanika ga me mashu)

Naa naa Aba Rotza mo nomitai na

Oy vey Ima, Oy vey Ima

Mukashi ni tabeta Falafel no

Ano aji ga wasurerarenainda

watashi ha otouto wo nogasu ga!

Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu

Boku Isuraeru

Aa hitofude de

Mieru subarashii sekai

Otonari-san wa Pare such ina da


Aa sekaijuu ni

Nemuru shiawase no Recipe

Kyou no unsei mo saikou da

Makenai ze!


English TranslationEdit

Oy Vey Papa, I want wine

Oy vey mama, Oy Vey mama

I can't forget the taste of that Matzo that i ate the night before!

Draw a circle there's the earth

Draw a circle there's the earth

Draw a circle there's the earth

I'm Israel

Draw a circle there's the earth

Stare a while there's the earth

Should that happen to be earth

I'm Israel

Ah, a wonderful world,

That can be seen with a paintbrush

I love my family!

Many countries, how to fight I can remain calm?

Draw a circle there's the earth

Draw a circle there's the earth

Draw a circle there's the earth

I'm Israel

Draw a circle there's the earth

Step back, there's Earth

Lie on your back, there's Earth

I'm Israel

The oven acquaints you

With the fragrant recipe to happiness

("It brings out the taste of irony.")

The chilly winter is in full bloom,

The Crossroads

Hey hey brother, give me some wine

And next, sister, can you pour it in for me?

Oy, oy Grandfather, peace is the best

Yes, yes Sweetheart/Baby, (I think I'm seeing something)

Hey, Hey Father, have some Wine as well!

Oy Vey mama, Oy Vey mama

I can't forget the taste

of that Falafel that i ate a while back

My heart always aches,

but tomorrow is tomorrow

Draw a circle, there's Earth.

Draw a circle, there's Earth.

Draw a circle, there's Earth.

I'm Israel!

Ah, a wonderful world

That can be seen with a paintbrush

My next-door neighbor is Palestine


Ah, throughout the world,

Sleeps a recipe of joy

Today my luck is great,

I can't be beat!

To Life!

Hebrew TermsEdit

L'chaim (Hebrew: To life)

Aba (Hebrew: Father/Papa)
Ima (Hebrew: Mother/Mama)

Rotza (Hebrew: Want (female))

Falafel (Hebrew: a food)

Ach (Hebrew: Brother)

Achot (Hebrew: Sister)

Saba (Hebrew: Grandfather/Grandpapa)

Mazot (Hebrew: Unleavened bread/Flat bread without yeast)

Tinoke (Hebrew: baby)

Personality and InterestsEdit


As you can see, Ariel has gone through alot of through out character designs: Left to right: Her chibi Self (final) Adult israel (Second to final, dress is the same sometimes) Israel Shouting match (First draft) Military Uniform (Final draft) *Bottom*: First draft

She is a shy and happy girl in a big world of people out to harm her. She was soon founded by the European Union after World War 2, mainly she calls Germany her "Aba" or father, for many germans had settled her after the fact of being persecuted. She is one to fight for her protection and the protection of her allies, which is usually the case.

She loves the colors Blue, Silver and White and is proud to show it. Most of her singing abilities are subtle and humbled. Her favorite song would have to be about her capitol Jerusalem, which happens to be "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" or "Jarusalem of Gold". Of course, her husband America would mess that around for his fancy.

She can be seen as the Americanized nation, because she is just like him at various times. Loud and childish, but most of the time she is shy and collected. She is crazy about Latkes and Hallah candy. Which is honey candy and potato pancakes. She is a tech geek, creating a lot of technology which Alfred likes using, such as his phone.


Ludwig (Germany)Edit

main article: Ludwig

Ludwig gets more than a little tense when Ariel is around, as he doesn't know when she's going to become immensely angry and snap at him. Ariel has made it her goal to make Ludwig feel guilty about what he's done to her, no matter how in-the-past those events are.

Alfred F. Jones (America)Edit

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Alfred and Ariel have a strong bond/relationship and are very close allies and friends, but Alfred wishes to take their friendship farther than ever before, but is extremely and deeply friend-zoned. He hasn't stopped trying to get his 'Lois Lane/Peggy Carter', though. Ariel is completely unaware of his intentions or advances, and harbors a tiny crush on him.