Malta is a fan-made character for the series Axis Powers: Hetalia. She represents the island of Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, a small island located to the south of Sicily. Alternatively known as Emma Pasello and appears as a seventeen-year old female with brown hair and eyes.

Republic of Malta


Emma Pasello

Age (Appearance)



September 21


5'5" ( Approx. 165.1 cm)


106 lb. (Approx. 48.08 kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color

Light brown


Their style is heavily influenced by global fashion trends, such as people are. They exist outside of deviantart.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Emma is one tough cookie. Everytime she was taken over and has to go to someone's house, she is feisty and doesn't give in too easily.


England/U.K/Arthur KirklandEdit

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For many years Malta was a part of the British Empire and, although they had a somewhat rocky relationship in the past, Emma considers Arthur to be a close friend. He's always protected her and Emma sometimes thinks of him as an older brother. They sometimes fight but have an overall good relationship.

N. Italy/Feliciano VargasEdit

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During World War II, relations between the two became strained. Malta refused to be taken over by Italy and Germany, fighting until America distracted them with the Battle of Tunisia. As young children, they met each other through Holy Roman Empire.

Spain/Antonio Fernandez CarriedoEdit

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Emma has fought alongside Antonio before and, due to him, she's learned a lot about defending herself. He helped her build up fortifications and everything was well until Spain got kinda lazy. He allowed Napoleon into her harbors and was overcome by their forces. Luckily, England and Romano were there to help.

S. Italy/Lovino VargasEdit

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Lovino, just like England, is always helping Malta in some way. The two are still very close and often invite the other over for lunch.She is also secretly in love with him.

France/Francis BonnefoyEdit

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France and Malta had a distant relationship for a while but have grown to become good friends lately. The only issue that threatens their friendship is England, who acts jealous when all three are together.