Ole Brunholm is a fanmade character in the series Axis Powers: Hetalia/Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the representation of Molde in the Hetalia College RP.

Ole Brunholm


Molde Kommune

Human name:

Ole Brunholm


174 cm




5th November



Eye color:

Dark blue




Ole has brown curly hair with a curl on the middle lenght of his head on the right side and he has marine blue eyes.Ole is not a strong or muscular boy, he is rather thin and short.

He is often wearing a t-shirt, often a blue one, and a pair of baggy, but femenine pants.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Molde is kinda the wannabe-badass guy. He tries to be cool and awesome, but often fails. He is immature and likes to see other suffer by doing annoying things to them, he likes especially to bash Ålesund, which he means acts more like a parent for him than a older brother.

On the inside, when some of the people he thinks is cool is depressed or sad, his soft side comes out. In other words, his true self comes out. His inner self is a typical buddy-person which is clumsy, dorky, but kind and funny.

Molde is not a fan of doing sports or athletics, but he likes to watch them.

His hobby is to go shopping and flirt with girls. And secretly he likes to sew and draw clothing.


Ivar Grytten (Ålesund)

Ole and Ivar were friends in their childhood, but as they grew older, their friendship started to shatter in pieces.They are actually brothers, but Ole avoids calling Ivar his older brother. He feels that Ivar is more like a hysterical parent than a older brother for him. Something which he truly dislikes.

Roar Jenssen (Bodø)

Roar is Ole's closest friend. They can do anything togheter. Molde has shown his true side to Bodø many times.

Clarise Dägne Hälse (Bergen)

Since Clarise is Ivar's wife, he dislikes her too. Even though he sometimes can act sweetly to her "Because she is a girl" . He likes to insult her which makes Ivar look red. Which ends up that he is being chased or spanked.

Martine Grytten (Kristiansand)

Martine Grytten is his BFF, even though she is Ivar little sister.


Molde komm

Moldes coat of arms.

  • Molde is a part of the Romsdal region.
  • The MoldeJazz festival in Molde is Europes biggest, oldest and the most important jazzfestival.