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North Korea (北朝鮮, Kitachōsen) is a fan-made character. He receives his name Im Hyung Soo (イムヒョンス Imuhyonsu).

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Personality Edit

Chibi North Korea (Im-Hyung-Soo)

A 'chibi' version of North Korea by his Creator, Lo-wah

North Korea is known to be insecure and often times, very jealous. North Korea never talks to someone and due to him being a hikikomori, he never has any friends or allies to speak to. He gets easily offended. He is also known for causing a lot of dramas, like how he blames America for starting the Korean War, even though he is the one who started it and how he threatens his brother, South Korea, even though he's trying to help him.

Relationships Edit

South KoreaEdit

They are close, but North Korea is more jealous of his brother's achievements.

Indonesia Edit

Indonesia and North Korea are quite close since Indonesia's first boss named one of the Indonesia's flower with the name of North Korea's Boss as a symbol of eternal friendship.

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday 15th August Corresponds with the date of Korea Liberation Day. In which both the Soviet Union and the United States liberated Korea from Japanese colonial rule.
  • North Korea tries to threaten Japan once, by sending him death threats from his computer.
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