As one of the Nensei Islands Okinawa was always determined to be noticed out of her sisters of Nensei. She is considered the youngest out of the five daughter of Japan.


Okinawa is the second shortest out of all the islands of Japan. She has long flowing black hair that reaches to her lower back, but due to Japan's traditions she is sometimes forced to put it into a bun. Unlike most of her siblings though are that her eyes are not dull, but bright brown with a hint of blue thanks to America's occupation in Japan. She traditionally wears a kimono with peach flowers and a purple obi.

Personality and Interest ' Okinawa is a shy and quiet girl when around many people. But when around people she knows will she let her rotten woman self unleash. She enjoys taking pictures of the landscape and playing unlike her more serious siblings. But, as Honshu reminds everyone, "She was captured by America. She was defiled and beaten. She is hurting but never shows it."



Mostly referred as 'chichi' Japan is a little protective of Okinawa after she was returned at WWII. Though sometimes Okinawa thinks Japan is a little disgraced by her and her ability not to protect herself so she is sometimes hiding behind her siblings when he comes to visit.

America Truth be told, Okinawa is terrified by the mere presence of America. When he is around Okinawa is in her safety tent (aka under her older sister's, Sakishima's, kimono.) and hides until he is gone.


Also known as the Futher Islands, Sakishimi is Okinawa's older sister and calls Okinawa 'Oki-chan'. For knowing her the longest Sakishima is very over protective of her little sister, sometimes threatening others with her shell weapons if she's serious. Both sisters have a mutual relationship and care about each other deeply.