the outer hebrides, human name, cara kirkland/

This character represents the scottish islands of the Outer Hebrides, also known as the long Island and the West isles. Her human given name is Cara kirkland.


The Outer Hebrides has dark brown spikey hair which covers her eyebrows and green eyes, her clothing is a pink hooded jacket, dark blue jeans and green wellington boots. She is also seen with a hedgehog in her hair. Scotland and Shetland isles often tease her about the fact that her hair resembles a hedgehog, which annoys her due to the fact she holds a grudge against hedgehogs despite having one as a pet. She has a pale complexion due to her climate being very cold and windy.

Basic Bio:

  • Her brothers are Scotland, England and Wales.
  • Her Twin brother is the Inner hebrides and her older brothers and sisters are the Islands around her.
  • She was Norway's Adopted sister for a period of time.
  • Apart from having a pet hedgehog (who is a vegetarian), she also has an Otter named Jonah and a Leach's Petrel named leah.
  • Her twin brother has hair that is almost identical to her own, exept shorter.