Israel and palestine by blueskirby

Name: Palestine パレスチナ Human age: 17 Gender: Male Birthday: May 14th

Palestine (パレスチナ Paresuchina) is a fanmade character in Hetalia: Axis Powers. He was not present for World War 2, arriving with his brother Israel when it finished. Between 2007 and 2008, he is given the human name,Salem Nagi.

Appearance Edit

Palestine has hazel brown hair, cut to a short length and covered by a turban wrapped tight around his forehead. He has striking glazed-orange eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He has rough skin and his hair is not washed often, representing how much time he puts into hard work. He is often injured, and wears several bandages over his body.

He is of average height, at 5'10", with a sturdy stature, making him appear older than he is. He wears a sheepskin jacket with a traditional scarf in casual wear, switching to a long, light leather coat for combat. He keeps his sword holstered at all times, years of fighting having made him cautious. His sandals are a staple of his clothing, raising thick eyebrows at world meetings.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Palestine appears as a gruff, sullen angry man, bitter after being rejected by his sister and often refusing conversation with other nations, much like Sealand except the pain is far more acute due to it being far more close to home, being it his sibling being responsible for his struggle. This is mostly a mask for his sadness and his loneliness. He is highly religious, praying several times a day, and has a passion for martial arts, striking with fast, shallow blows.



Israel and Palestine are now estranged, Israel refusing to recognise Palestine as his brother anymore, to Palestines disappointment. While he holds out hope they can be reconciled, he fights just as hard as she does when they do come into conflict. They used to live in the same house as Turkey, until Turkey moved out leaving them to split the house with the other Arabs. Following a fight, Israel kicked Palestine out to live in Jordans room, but he has since managed to convince Israel to give him his own room.


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Palestine looks up to Turkey as a father figure, having brought prosperity during the Ottoman empire. Their physical resemblence also backs up this, and Palestine often appeals to Turkey during the meetings he's allowed into. Turkey appreciates the sentiment, but often finds his pestilence annoying.

United States of AmericaEdit

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America and Palestine have a rough relationship, with Americas close ties to Israel causing conflict between the two, with America locking Palestine out of the World Conference, and helping what in his opinion is his bullying brother.