Preet Kaur is the human name of the representation of the Indian region of punjab. She has a sikh name.


Preet has long dark brown hair, sometimes with flowers or jewelery worn in her hair. She always wears bracelets, earings and rings. She can sometimes be seen wearing a nose ring or a bindi. she often wears sari or chuni. Her clothing is usually very colourful, as are her pets. she wears simple shoes, usually sandals or flat shoes, sometimes she even goes barefoot. Preet is usually seen with either her monkey named Murkesh or her elephant named hathi. She also has a pet snake (naag), peacock (maninder) and panther(purnima).

Basic Bio

  • She is 19 years old
  • Her twin sister is Punjab (pakistan)
  • She was forced to work for England by her boss, who betrayed her and the rest of the subcontinent.
  • Her pets are all special to her and she spends time with each of them on a daily basis.
  • She has deep respect for Ghandi who she lovingly refers to as Bapu.
  • She will sometimes be very energetic and outgoing and then sometimes will be reserved and quiet.
  • Preet is very clever but does not follow safety rules set up by india.
  • She will sometimes spend half a day meditating or praying.
  • She respects England mostly, but sometimes will set her pets on him if he annoys her.
  • Monkeys are her favourite animal and will kindly allow any monkey to stay at her house unless they make a large mess and steal her things.