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Charlotte (Lotte) Elisabeth von Wittelsbach is a fan-made character for the series Hetalia Axis Powers. She is the representation of one of germany federal States, Rhineland-Palatine (ger. Rheinland-Pfalz)


Lotte has shiny, almond-shaped blue eyes and long lashes. Her hair is long, curly and blonde. She often praids her hair, unfortunately she`s not very good at it.

Lotte wears a white blouse, a red bodice, a long red skirt, black stockings and brown leather boots.


She doesn`t act typicall german, because she was very influenced by France.

Charlotte is very very noisy and she talks too much. She is very open-minded, curious and sociable. But she is also stubborn and straightforward, which is a reason that she often has a controversy with another federal State.

Lotte is jovial, she loves to drink and eat with others but if something doesn`t suit her or she doesn`t like something she can be very temperamental and rebellious ( She was one significant person in german democracy-movement)

She loves wine and wine festivals, well, she like every kind of festival, and she has the habbit to drink only out of 500ml glass (ger. "Schoppenglas" ). Literature and Art are also very important to her and she sells her wine all over the world.

Charlotte speaks a very funny and weird german dialect, only a few other federal States can understand (like Bavaria or Saarland) but she is also able to speak prober german, which makes her feel very uncomfortable.


Ludwig (Germany)Edit

Ludwig is the total opposite of Charlotte, so the two are arguing a lot. But he likes her, because she decided to join him again and to leave France after WWII.

Francis Bonnefoy (France)Edit

Charlotte was influenced by him a lot. She joined him a few times in the past but after WWII she finally decided to stay at Germany`s side and not to follow her siblings Alsace (ger.Elsass) and Lorraine (ger. Lothringen).