Magrethe Grytten is a fanmade character in the series Axis Powers: Hetalia/Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is the representation of Skodje


Skodje is the oldest of the "sunnmøre"-family, including Kristiansand, Molde and Svalbard, since they got the same mother. Also she is Ålesunds older sister. She is 24 in apperance, but she looks like she is younger because of her height and her D-cup sized chest.

She has middle-lenght light-brown hair mostly up in a ponytail and coconut-brown eyes.

Since she is a farmer she uses to wear a warm blue-sweater and some big jeans tucked in green rubber boots.

Personality and interestsEdit

Skodje is a very kind and a typical motherly and big-sister type. But sometimes she can be a crybaby and she is very sensitive and can easily feel guilty.

But however, she keeps trying to do her best to make her siblings happy and also to make other younger cities happy. She is very reliable, whenever you need to talk about something, she is right there to talk with you, but sometimes, she may misunderstand.