Adlar Jones is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents the state of Delaware.

The State of Delaware

Human name

Adlar Jones


December 7




6 foot 5 inches


160 pounds

Languages spoken

English (American) and Dutch


Adlar has long jet black hair that he ties into a ponytail, pale skin and he is quite lean and 'skrawny' and like a 'bean pole'.

He wears white tanktops under short sleeved unbuttoned checked shirts, light wash skinny jeans, white chucks and a small diamond stud in his left ear.

At State Meetings he wears long sleeved white button down shirts, black buttoned up waistcoasts with silver buttons, black slacks and black dress shoes. He wears the same outfit for other formal occasions.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Adlar is very reserved and doesn't say much and other people write him off as 'boring', but really he's just shy and socially awkward. But he does get to know someone he is a good friend and someone you can talk to, the 'shoulder to cry on' type.

He is also very protective of his siblings and he thinks it's his job to look after them and care for them and make sure they're ok. He usually spends his time trying to stop them from fighting each other...but it doesn't work very often.

Adlar enjoys working with diamond and he is a closet Tiffany and Co. fan and shopper.


'Adlar' is a Ducth male name and it means 'eagle'. 'Jones' shows his American affliation.


Alfred F. Jones (America)-Alfred and Adlar get along well and he respects him greatly. But he often wishes he could be more sensible.

Matthew Williams (Canada)-Adlar gets along well with his uncle as they are both often forgotten and are both sensible and try to keep their siblings in line. Adlar is one of the people who can tell Matthew apart from Alfred.

Arthur Kirkland (England)-Adlar usually keeps Arthur up to date about what's going on with the other states and Alfred and he respects him a lot.

Netherlands-Netherlands is like a father to Adlar and they get along well. Adlar practises his Dutch with him.

The Other States-Adlar cares deeply for the other states and they usually come to him when they have problems and he treis his best to help them...and stop them from killing each other.


  • Adlar's birthday corsseponds with the day Delaware become part of the union of American sates.
  • Adlar's interest in diamonds comes from the nickname Delaware has: "The Diamond State"
  • Due to his fascination with diamonds and the fact that he wears a diamond earing, he is often called gay, despite his protests to the contrary.