Amazing Nevada!!!!

Kawai Nevada

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The state of Nevada

Human name:

Camryn Eloise Oliver









Languages spoken


 ​​​Nevada  is the 36th state of America and one of America's best friends. Her largest city, Las Vegas, is known as the 'Party Capital of the World' or, more often, 'Sin City'


Camryn has short straight hair. Her bangs are blue in tribute to her state flag and actually alot longer than the front of her hair. The back part of her hair is brown and pretty short. Her eyes are an amber hazel color and she is found wearing her mid-length blue and black dress and black high heeled boots... most of the time..

Personality and Interests

Camryn is a party girl and loves to have fun and gamble. She is an amazing gambler spending most of her time doing just that and or drinking at her favorite bars/Casino's. She is a normally fun and outgoing state unless you catch her in the mornings (Before about 2:05 PM)Relationships

Alfred F. Jones (America)

Alfred is Camryns best friend and she hangs out with him alot of the time. She has a small crush on him but
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Camryn Elois Oliver

nothing to major. He can still be very very annoying at times and she tends to ask for money from him alot of the time. He is also the only ones who has been brave enough to wake her up early in the morning.

Matthew Williams (Canada)

Camryn doen't see Matthew very often and the times she has it was at a very odd time and ended up running away at top spead screaming “GHOST!!!!".... poor Canada...

Antonio Hernandez (Spain)

Antonio and Camryn don't have a very close relationship on account of her not understanding a word he says.


  • Camryns birthday corresponds with the day Nevada became the 36th state of America.
  • She never wakes up before 2:05 - 3:40 PM 
  • Camryns the only one who can beat England in a drinking contest