Texas is the 28th state of America and is one of America's "kids". His human name is Blake Jones.


Blake is very tall, he often has to look down at people when he talks to them, including Alfred. His hair is dark blonde. His eyes are blue and his skin is tanned from working outside. He often wears 'farmers clothes', mainly jeans, checked shirts, cowboy boots and cowboy hats. He has broad shoulders and a square jaw. Blake also wears glasses.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Blake is a very hard worker and very reliable, but in his younger years he and a few of his other Southern siblings were a little rebellious but he's far better behaved now. He attends church and follows the bible's teaching religiously. In his downtime he enjoys to playing the guitar and horse riding. He is also 'a true country gentleman'.


Alfred F. Jones (America)- Blake considers Alfred to be his 'father', but during the American Civil War he, along with his Southern Siblings, changed his last name from Jones to McCalley, which he still uses from time to time. They get along well these days as Blake and his brother Kevin (Tennesse) helped to find John Wilkes Booth.

Matthew Williams (Canada)-Blake doesn't see Matthew very often but, despite that, he never mistakes Matthew for Alfred. They get along well when they do see each other.

Francis Bonnefoy (France)-Blake is on friendly terms with Francis, but he doesn't spend that much time with him.

Antonio Hernandez (Spain)-Much like with Francis, Blake is on friendly terms with Antonio but he doesn't spend that much time with him.


  • Blake and his brother Kevin are often mistaken for each other due to physical similarities.
  • Despite fighting against his Northern siblings in the American Civil War, Blake loves all of his siblings.
  • Blake's glasses are a reference to America's glasses who are Texas.